Why You Need to Incorporate Flex Space Into Your Home

  • Flex space has become one of the most important needs when moving into a new home
  • New construction homes incorporate flex space into the floor plan for home offices and hosting guests
  • There are many creative ways to incorporate flex space into your home!

Community Spotlight: Chicago Suburb of Western Springs

  • Enjoy the perks of living in a picturesque town
  • Western Springs offers a little bit of everything for families of any size
  • Take advantage during this intense real estate market of an opportunity to build a custom home

Luxury Design Trends You Should Try in 2021

  • Try any of these 6 home design trends to give your space a fresh look
  • Small or large updates can make a huge difference in your home’s design
  • Swap out furniture or try a new paint color to experience an updated interior space

Why It Makes Sense to Insulate Your Basement

  • Exterior insulation for your basement makes a significant difference in the comfort of your home
  • Insulating your basement will put less stress on your furnace to regulate the space’s temperature
  • Wrapping insulation around the exterior of your basement slab and foundation walls adds a layer of waterproofing

Limited Chicago Real Estate Inventory

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